To discover the truth we look within, to discover true love we look within and to discover our purpose well, we look to the stars


hi, I am Aldaine , first of all I am a talker! I love conversations and i'm an open mind ..

I am in love with the woman i believe to be the other half of my soul and she makes me happy :))

I am a stargazer and a true son of the Earth and starry Heaven ;)

Embrace love ; Disregard hate

Peace . Joy . Love

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Mount Moran Sunrise by bern.harrison on Flickr.


The sun is a huge thermo-nuclear reactor, fusing hydrogen atoms into helium and producing million degree temperatures and intense magnetic fields. The outer layer of the sun near its surface is like a pot of boiling water, with bubbles of hot, electrified gas—electrons and protons in a fourth state of matter known as plasma—circulating up from the interior and bursting out into space. The steady stream of particles blowing away from the sun is known as the solar wind.

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Credit: NASA/SDO


{ in love with a view }

♒ If you suffer it is because of you, if you feel blissful it is because of you. Nobody else is responsible—only you and you alone. You are your hell and your heaven too. ♒

~ Osho (via elige)


Want. Now.

♒ I hate the fact that couples don’t talk anymore , that feelings and emotions aren’t shared between individuals because we are afraid of how the other person feels . Since when did it become wrong for another human being to express how they felt about a certain situation , person or thing ; why is it that a man is considered a “bitch” or a “pussy” for having feelings or complaining when a woman does the same thing and its said is supposed to vent, so we don’t vent ??? . Is it that we are so lost as people and a race that we do not communicate with each other anymore especially about our feelings ? Do we prefer to keep them to ourselves and not fix the issue and if so what is the purpose of that ? We lack the basics of communication in this society and it stems from everyone being so thin skinned where someone’s opinion about a situation regarding them makes them feel attacked / hurt . I can’t exist a day in peace because i pickup every time someone hides how they really feel about a situation or person and it has become so prevalent , the rate at which it occurs is alarming . If we want to have better relationships , better societies , better lives ; we gotta start communicating , we just gotta people . ♒

~ Aldaine McCalla - My Random Rant 


Nutella French Toast



The Mikaelson’s have some serious swag.

And reason #84387588 why I still don’t understand Julie Plec’s decision to kill off most of the family.  They would have made an epic team….not to mention the BAMF! entrances…..   -_-


Hummingbird, Power Animal, Messenger of Joy 

Hummingbirds gifts include the ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth, endurance over long journeys, ability to fly into small places to heal, joy, happiness, love, timelessness, 

The hummingbird brings special messages for us. It is a teacher of joy, and their lessons are many. 

Hummingbird is the smallest of all birds. It is the only creature able to stop dead in its tracks whilst travelling at full speed. It is also unique in that it is able to fly backward and sideways, and can also hover, go forward, up or down. 

The hummingbird also possesses an unusual hovering pattern, and is able to move its wings in a figure of eight pattern, a symbol for infinity. This holds a message for us - often we find ourselves stuck in time, regretting or longing for the past, or hoping that the future will bring better things, building castles in the sky. We are shown how to view the past and then let go, rather than be continuously caught up in it, we learn how to appreciate that the past creates are future, and that even at the time some lessons were harsh and hurtful ones, we wouldn’t be who we are without these lessons today. We need the past to create the future, but mustn’t dwell in it, yet we may reflect on it bur not in a bitter cant-let-go manner. If we become the observer of our lives by moving back a step, our lives will be viewed differently. 

Hummingbird teaches us to go beyond time and to see that what happened in the past and what may happen in the future is not nearly as important as what is occurring now. Remember to hover in the moment, and to appreciate its sweetness. Drink deeply of the nectar of life. 

As well as living off small insects, the hummingbird lives on nectar and it is always searching for the sweetness of life. With its long tongue it is able to get past the often tough and bitter outer layer only to discover the sweetness below. Flowers and plants love the hummingbird - as it sucks the nectar from the flower it pollinates. Because of this, many cultures link the hummingbird to the healing properties of flowers and herbs. In many traditions, hummingbird feathers have been revered for their almost magical qualities. It is said that the hummingbird brings love as no other medicine can, and its presence brings joy to the observer. 

The vibrating hum of this birds wings and their lightness seem to symbolise the subtle energetic healing which essences can provide. Their physical lightness is a powerful reminder for us to lighten up. When weighed down with worries, our spirits cannot soar. The hummingbird further deepens this message with its rainbow-iridescent feathers which have caused some species to be named after precious stones, such as the ruby-throated species. 

People with this power animal, adapt easily to whatever situation they come into, and make the most of their new circumstances. 

Also, they could never become addicted to any artificial stimulants, for they find joy in their own heart, and are happy and find even more joy in spreading joy, love and beauty to all around them. They also have the ability of taking their inner joy into new and different surroundings. They have a knack for seeing the good in people, and aren’t put off by a gruff or hard front, as they know that below this surface goodness and beauty reside. 

They may also be naturals at working with flowers, perhaps growing them to share with others, or using flower essences for healing such as aromatherapy. If this is your guide, you have high energy and a spirit that must be free. If you become caged, restricted, your wonderful, free, loving energy suffers great depressions and feelings of uselessness. 

Shamanic Journey

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